Hello from Sweden!



Hi im Jocke from Sweden. Been painting for many years (akvarell, oil, akryl)but airbrushing just little over a year and i love it, starting to make a trade of it and manage to get a few orders. Pictures showes a mix collection of my work ;)
IMG_1355.jpgIMG_1352.jpgIMG_3840.jpgFCUB copy.jpgIMG_3688.jpgIMG_4722.jpgladyly-n.jpg
I like the waterfall and the color on the fishing reel but that woman is really good.
Hälsningar och välkomna från British Columbia Kanada.
Din skicklighet överträffar min egen men jag vill inte annonsera det, lol.
hello from Australia :) nice work you have there! awesome plane, i love it :)
Welcome home Jocke, Some really amazing work and look forward to seeing more.
Welcome to the forum from the US

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hello Jocke and welcome from a Swedish Viking :tears_of_joy: really love your work its fantastic
welcome from honduras hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant: