Hello from Switzerland


Young Tutorling
Hi folks!
I'm originally from Croatia, was living for several years in Germany and now I'm in Switzerland. Still learning German.
My avatar is one of my two black cats :)

I've started painting in acrylics around end of December, so several weeks ago. I already have some textured/impasto parts and realised that if I want to varnish my work, the spray is the best option to reduce issues. However, I don't want to spray solvents in my room, since I can't do it outside. Founded that airbrushing might be a way to go. Then realised thing I need is actually called a spray gun, but also realised I also want to play around airbrush painting, because you know, gradients look so easy with airbrush in comparison with making acrylics smoothly blend on canvas, and then I saw what else can be painted, so I want to play with all of that as well :)

I'm not into (photo)realism, and still dabbling around the other things to learn and explore, current interest are funny cats, cheesy things, maybe with fantasy flair, landscapes...

So after digging through YT and reddit, I came here for further information. My notes are getting thicker and thicker, and I think I'm getting closer to figuring out things (at least theory part) which makes me happy and more confident. :D

I'll share my findings/shopping list in another topic, maybe someone shares some tips :)
Thanks both for the welcome!

@Franc Kaiser quite a distance you've moved :D
I see you're using golden high flow acrylics. Glad to see that someone else is using them (I plan to), so I can look up to you and learn from your experience :)
welcome BlackSquirrel, figuring out where to start is hard. I'll check your other thread and see what gear you have/are thinking about