Hello from Texas


Young Tutorling
Hey guys I am Justin from the Dallas area. I am somewhat new to airbrush even though ihave had one for a while. I started with a cheap paache single action and then finally got to upgrade to a Dagr. I am now considering the Sotar 20 20 deal on amazon but we will see.....advice would be appreciated. I am very happy with the Dagr but really have nothing to compare it to. Anyway I have been lurking around for a week or so digging through all the useful info on here and just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the help so far. I have uploaded my first two attempts at anything more than just squiggles and lines to my profile album so feel free to "let me have it" with your opinions as they can only help me get better. Thank you for your help in advance.
Welcome home Justin.. Ya found a good place to hang learn and join in the fun..
I am glad to be here and I can not believe how much I have already learned by just browsing through the posts.
really..you've learnt something? we just take the piss out of each other!
Justin welcome from Florida. A whole lot of info here for beginners or professionals. You can learn or teach at anytime and make global friends in the process. Have fun and spread the love.