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I'm a college student majoring in Graphic Design. I first discovered airbrushing from a piece that I saw on exhibit at the Denver Art Museum last summer. (I wish I could remember what it's called).

I recently started looking for a starter brush kit and had the fortune to receive a box of second-hand airbrushes and accessories from a family friend. As exciting as this was, I frankly have no idea what I'm looking at. I think three of them are single action, but the fourth is in better condition and (I think) is a double action gravity fed unit. I would post pictures, but I'm not allowed to yet.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to join your community and I look forward to any advice and help.
welcome from honduras.hope you can call this place home like i do!!!this starter kit has a compressor?do you have some paints?can you be more specific so we can help you more.
The weather can't be all that bad. We had a huge dust wave roll in just ahead of a fast moving thunderstorm a few days ago. It mudded for a few minutes before it cleared into rain.

On closer inspection, they're all Paasche. I have a type H, another type H without the button or knob, a type V and a complicated looking AB. As far as other supplies, I have a few (brand new) air hoses, some jars with nozzles, and assorted tips and color cups. The new air pump that was supposed to be in the box wasn't there, so I'm researching compressors now.

As far as paints and inks, it came with some ancient bottles of tempra, some dried Creatix airbrush paint bottles, a few miniature spray bottles, cleaning fluids that are now powder, and a bottle of masking fluid that I can't open, but does make a sloshing sound. There are 35mm film canisters that each have a label with different colors sprayed on, and these still slosh, but are mostly rubbery looking when opened.

I guess I should make myself clear at this point: except for the new hoses, everything in this box from airbrushes to paint, is over twenty years old.

Being an artist in school, I do have assorted inks and acrylic paints in my possession already, and liquid media is next on my research list.
Welcome home cjbgh , What part and college you attending? Use to live in El Paso and really miss Chico Tacos:D and the weather...

Look into Wicked line of paint, See if you have a Hobby Lobby close go on line and print the 40% off coupons and get some of you school buddies to go with you , 1 coupon per day per customer , So if you can get ten of ya to go each buys one bottle it comes out saving you money:D it is called working the system..
welcome from sunny South Africa. (just to rub it in Meeshel :)
Hi there from the uk, you will need the double action brush, look up the model online, depending on how old it is you may find diagrams, and parts lists etc to get it up and running.
Hey...From a little village in Ontario, Canada
I am new here and the welcome was unbeatable. I cant wait to dwell here and learn what this site and its great members have to offer. I hope i can contribute something in return. I feel the need to create something...lol