hello from Texas



I am basically in the never ending airbrush learning!!! Which is good! So I enjoy seeing new techniques to try and learn.

hope to post some works over here in the near future.

I do not have any specific areas for airbrushing. I will do t-shirts, metal, or paper.

Looking forward to checking out the site.
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Welcome from England my friend, I can see from your art that you have got the talent so enjoy and join in.
Howdy and welcome to the forum. I like the shark jacket.
What part of Texas you from , I use to live in El Paso.
Hello all... yes, familiar sounding name!
Mr. Micron, I am up near Dallas... was out at Fort Stockton and Fort Davis a few weeks back.
Welcome aboard. I t looks like you take the I-20 East from time to time... I've let the good times roll my self. And I've only heard it in french in one place.
I am from Louisiana, and go I-20 east a lot!!!
That image was something I sketched on paper and just completely freehanded on the shirt. I did it for my dad, I did another for my mother... it says "Let the good fashion roll" in cajun. Both are used interchangablely.
But if they wear the shirts together, people will wonder why the words are different! KIND of my little joke!

le bon temps AND le bon ton ...

Let me put up one of my riding shirts.100_5500.JPG
I lived in New Orleans twice, for a total of about 8 years or so...loved it. I went to Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin, for business get togethers a couple times when I lived there. Quite the night life in both, and that's saying something comin' from N.O., lol.

Again, welcome, this forum is a great place to learn and it's one of the few that you don't have to be afraid to ask questions.
Thanks Airbrush Tutor, I got a lot more to learn!!! Have to give AcE some props for tolerating me!

ProperlyStained thanks. I am not too shy about questions!