Hello From The Big Apple!!!



Hello all my name is Oscar, Im from New York and I love art! I mean what else can I say? I breath it, I sleep it, I eat it, I talk about it, I love it! I've been drawing and painting since I can remember and everything artistic fascinates me. Art rocks. Its like my own personal escape when I pick up my brush or just the basic pen and paper wherever I am (especially during lectures in Gradschool). Im still kind of a rookie at the airbrush thing tho, using the basic Iwata eclipse HP-CS and the art store "Michael's" is my best friend. Its also ironic that I went to school for Biology!! lol. But Yea Art rocks. Ok bye!
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welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:angel:
Hey skidbrush, welcome from the uk. You should feel right at home with all the awesome talent that can be found around here. By the way, you have a great gun there, it's what I use, and the more you do with it, the more you will be able to do if you know what I mean. I love it!
Hi Skidbrush... how's she cuttin' :)... I also use the hp cs... and I love it... I have always hit snags with it but found I always figure it out with a bit of trial and error and it just works out in the end thank goodness!!
Welcome form England, I hope you will enjoy your stay here, if you have any questions, just ask and someone will probably have the answer.

Welcome home Oscar nice to have you here, Now see if you also have a hobby lobby in your area and remember to print off the 40% coupons at either Michael's or Hobby Lobby and save ya even more money:S