Hello from the deep south (US)



Hello all, and let me express my warmest Holiday wishes to all in the forum, as well as gratitude for everyone's efforts. I have been a lurker for just a couple of weeks now, but I am practicing a ton with my brushes.

I have owned an Eclipse HP CS for about a year now, and I have been painting off and on. Mostly, I have a goal to paint realistic fine art, as well as graphics on metal panels, helmets, etc. I will need quite a bit more practice on the basics, judging from my recent...ah, shall we say, "learning experiences"? The best work I have done so far has been with some cartoon-type art, monochrome and lacking in detail. But I am sticking with the exercises and watching tutorials, then practicing.

A quick question, if I may. I am fairly certain my wife saw me drooling over a micron c plus, and I think that is my Christmas gift. I have read here and elsewhere that I may be wasting the money on something like this, at this time. If it is a mistake, I will happily send it back and grab another airbrush (or two), along with any other helpful supplies. I believe the man is more than the brush, I just want feedback on what you guys would do if you were me and a micron C plus showed up on Christmas morning.

I have thick skin, and I welcome opinions.


Welcome and I'm glad you came out of hiding, lol!!! First off do not be shy at all!! And second, if that is your Christmas gift, then give you wife a huge kiss because you just got THE brush!! There is nothing wrong at all and I do mean at all with that brush!! Yes te man makes the brush, but the man strives for that brush!! It's amazing and it can do nothing but help you along ;)

welcome southerner, you have a great airbrush, and if you keep up the hard work and dedication, you will learn and master the craft.... so carry on and keep up the determination,,, best of luck hope to see so work from you....
Welcome home. I have the Micron CM-C+ and love it. But keep in mind that the parts for that brush are costly , So if you are prone to dropping your brush than it would not be the brush for you.
Now if you are looking for the best deal have your wife call up Dave Monnig Owner of Coast Airbrush and order it from him. He will price match , His people are helpful and have knowledge on all airbrushes ,
I have also been talking with Ken Badger about the new Krome, Which is another outstanding airbrush. both a great fine line detail brush. and both men happen to be members on this forum.
I will tell you that spectra-tex paint (made by badger) flows great through my micron straight out of the bottle with no reduction needed.
Wicked and Wicked detail I do have to reduce to get good flow from my micron.
Comart (made by Iwata) was design for the micron so again no reduction needed .

So lots of thing to think about , But I will say I have no regrets on buying the CM-C+ Plus the red pearl and chrome case looks killer:D