Hello from the first state!



Hey there everyone.. been lurking for a few weeks.. recognize some folks from a few other AB forums. Looking forward to chat and share with all you fine folks! Been airbrushing for a number of years, and own a variety of brushes (Paasche, Iwata, Harder-Steenbeck).. I paint on canvas, motorcycles, guitars, and more, and use all manner of paints. (uros, waterbase, oils)

NORM!!!!! ...... sorry gratuitous Cheers reference. Hi from the uk, I paint bikes also so hoping to see some of your stuff posted soon.
Thanks for the warm welcome.. Good to see you here Herb! Wmlepage, Delaware has the distinction of being known as the 'First State'.. 90 miles long and 35 miles wide at it's widest point.
Well, here on the Orange Airbrush Forum, we're a lil' bit outta the NORM, if you catch my drift, haha, j/j. Welcome Norm, good to see ya here!! Show everyone some of your work, they'll love it!