Hello from the netherlands


Young Tutorling
Hi my name is Henk
i live in south holland near Leiden
i thought it is now time to introduce my self after reading for couple off months.
i have h&s evolution 2 in 1
first time here was after watching movies on youtube
and wanted to know more about airbrushes and the how to's
so i stayed here .
greetings Henk
Hoi Henk, Welkom op het forum, je zit tussen vrienden hier, vraag alles wat je graag willen weten en veel plezier mee, er zijn ook zat Nederlanders.

Hi Henk welcome to the forum, your are among friends here, ask whatever you need en enjoy the ride, we also have many Dutch members.
Hi henk, welcome from overijssel, ull enjoy it here on the forum.
Again it is so cool that people from all over the world meet here. Welcome from Iowa, USA
Hello Henk, From New York. Very nice to meet you. Can't wait to see some work. Great group of people here.