Hello from the Netherlands


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I like to introduce myself i'm Lion owner of the Airbrush/Pinstripe shop Lion-Art.nl that is an online shop in Dutch and English.
It is not only an online shop but also an normal store.
I started airbrushing in 1989 in the time that the only way to find something about airbrushing was in the libary :smug:

The shop i started next year 10 years ago, we also go to airbrush shows here in europe it is alway great to talk to colleagues and myn customers.
I also give workshops and also have an few famous airbrusher in my shop to teach like Daniel Power, Dru Blair and Marrissa Oosterlee.

I also like to be active in making all kinds of helpfull and cool gadgets i make the Ultron an very fine tuned Iwata Micron and now i have made the Custom backends.



Welcome to the forum Lion, I'm sure a lot of people will benefit from your knowledge in every thing airbrush, I ordered a part form your shop a while back and was impressed when I had it the next day.

I'm not Dutch myself but live in the Netherlands, but there are a few Dutch members, and I'm sure you already know most of them.

I doubt with your skills you can learn much here, but you can certainly teach a few of us and have a good laugh at the same time.


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Welcome lion!! So glad you found the forum, and I'm still saving to try one of your custom brushes!! I have mentioned your business more than a gem times here!!



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Hey Lion, I have heard some really outstanding things about you tricked out airbrushes from Josh and on other forums.
Nice to have you here and hope to see you around some.

ad fez

are all you dutchies drinking ignis's reverse osmosis water and becoming"super artists" there is a hell of a lot of talent coming from the netherlands