Hello from the Netherlands



I think i'm a late starter (just saw Sarah) with airbrush.. but never to old to learn ;-) I started last year trough a friend who knew a tutor nearby that was not so expensive. Bought a cheap airbrush on ebay and mixed my first paint out of aquarel paint out of tube.
As i start to like airbrushing i bought the H&S evolution 2 in 1...(but cant work with that as i want :-( can't seem to get preasure/paint work together properly) and all kinds of airbrushpaint.
My goal is to make a nice peace of art on my motortank... but first ...practice on canvas and paper ;-)
I'm glad to found this forum and wish everybody lots of fun with airbrushing.
Welcome zayen :)
And don't worry, it's never too late hahaha....
I'm just starting
Welcome , If I can learn (I'm older than dirt) anyone can learn.