Hello from the Ouachita mountains.



Hello all. Some of you may recognize my screen name from other forums in the past, as I've been around this industry for awhile now. Got my 1st airbrush in the mid 70's, but didn't get serious about using it till the mid 80's....Been at it hard and heavy ever since. Now days I tend to focus on art for the biker crowd, but I also do autos now and then...Recent events have even seen me doing a few wall murals for some local businesses, which is quite a change from my motorcycle work. Hopefully I've been at this long enough to have a bit of knowledge that I might be able to share with those that need it as time goes on. Plus I hope to learn a thing or two from all of you. Spray on......
Welcome home air_fx , I am sure you can teach a lot of us a thing or two.. Look forward to seeing your work both than and now.
Hi from the uk Air fx, hope to see some of your work here soon, sounds like you've got a lot to share with us!
Welcome to the forum! Hope to learn a thing or 20 from you, lol!! Great to have you here!