Hello From the Twin Cities.



Well to start , I am 24 and have been airbrushing on and off for the last 4 years. but just recently have finished my garage with heat and now am able to start painting motorcycles . Auto Body tech. with future aspirations of moving over to just airbrushing. I like to draw and am starting to draw anime for fun. Minnesota involves fishing , so at the moment , im trying to hone my skills at airbrushing walleyes, deer, antlers..... redneck kinds of things. lol , I have narcolepsy , which is a disease where i am just sleepy all the time so finding a job where ''shifts'' are involved really stress me out and im just starting to realize that im gonna have to be my own boss. Airbrushing dreams in the making. ill post some pics in a bit . Nice to join a respected forum.
Welcome to the forum!! Sounds like you know what you want and that's a good thing!! Can't wait to see some of your work!!

Welcome aboard mate, you'll get on just fine here, everything you need to know should be here, if not....err...google it:). Have fun mate and dive in, great bunch on here,enjoy!
Welcome Home Narcfighter.. You have found the right place to hone your skills and learn all kind of things..
Hi from th uk Narcfighter, I'm an insomniac, so I guess we're opposites. But we got airbrushing in common, and I paint bikes too. Hope to see your stuff soon.
hello...I have absolutuley no knowledge to share...I am just here for the free coffee and doughnuts. :)