Hello from the uk,,,again


Young Tutorling
Hi everyone, some might remember me from a decade ago now, cant believe how time fly’s.
I used to be known as Smiler65 on here but for some reason I couldn’t log in as that so here i am with a new account. I was only a beginner last time i was here and I haven’t moved on any🤦‍♂️, hopefully now i have a little more time i might be able to get back into this hobby.
Anyway just thought i would say hi before i dive off into the forum and see whats been happening.

Welcome back smiler :)
we had a purge of inactive accounts a few years back and you may have fallen victim to that purge.

We still have a strong core group of members and 'staff' and the look has changed a little but all the info you remember is still here as well as a ton of new stuff so off you go, grab your drink and start reading :)