hello from the uk



thought i better say hello as il no doubt be spending alot of time here as i loved the vids on youtube plus theres plenty of good info for me to try and remember
im just in the middle of getting what i need, ive bough a neo cn and luckily already had a compressor i can use as im trying to get set up as cheaply as possible without wasting money on junk.

ive never used a airbrush before so ive got alot to learn, only ever sprayed a few radiators with a air gun before until recently doing a mates mixer with rattle cans :untroubled:
all the best
Welcome aboard there friend, we all had to start somewhere mate and your in good company here, when you have made a few posts you will be able to post pics of your work. Don't be shy about posting your beginners work as you can generally get the best advice on where your going wrong as as well as what your doing right. The most important thing though is to enjoy it and have fun at the same time......oh and don't forget to spread the love my friend:)
thanks for the warm welcome, the love will definateley be spread,thats why i joined up lol
Welcome to the forum Chalkedup, but you got to spread the paint as well, lol
thanks madbrush ,dont worry thats gonna go everywhere, the garage will look like a dot to dot puzzle gone wrong in no time :rugby: