Hello from the UK



Hi, I've been looking around since the start of the week so I thought I should say hi.
I've kinda started airbrushing by accident. I've always loved airbrushed artwork but I never thought it'd be something I'd be able to do. I'm one of those people who love art and the idea of doing it but just don't have the skills. Anyway, I make vinyl decals for a living and was looking for other ideas and found out about sand etching. It looked good so I ordered a little compressor and airbrush kit this week and planned on getting the etching gun next week. I had some paint so I thought I might as well give airbrushing a try.
I'm so glad I did! I think I'm hooked.
I watched the beginners videos and read the tutorials on here so I knew to start off with the basics. I printed off some worksheets and have been doing dots, lines and bad dagger strokes. I'd only managed a few hours of practice but I had the place to myself last night so I jumped in and had a go at that old cliché, a skull.
Considering how little I've used an airbrush I'm pretty pleased. Back to the exercise sheets now though to start learning properly.
Done with my cheap kit and some watered down regular acrylic paint on printer paper.

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welcome along buddy I'm sure you will love this great art! i am also that guy who loves art but hasn't got the skills....but practice practice practice and you will make huge steps forward!

I like the idea of etching also, you could combine the 2 nicely
Welcome Home Mark , Good effort and you have come to the right place to learn and hang out at.
Remember practice those dots and dagger strokes. This will help you improve faster in the long run.
Welcome aboard, this is a great place to call home.
Thanks for the welcome. I'll definitely keep going with the dots and daggers. I think it was useful trying a proper picture. It helped me to get a feel for how and where to use different techniques. It also showed me why I need to practice so much. It's great having access to a forum like this with so many knowledgeable and talented people to help.
Welcome - I have yet to find another airbrush forum with such nice people who are more than happy to help with advice and guidance
Welcome aboard mate, nice to see you had a go....cool isn't it and very addictive, any help you need just ask my friend.