Hello from the UK



hello from the UK,

Today i at last got my compressor and Neo BCN setup and started dots and lines, still at that stage where daggers look scary.

Have been watching the tutorial vids and decided early this is going to take a while. :D

That is all, you may return to your normal viewing o/
Welcome from the US.

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welcome from honduras,thats the only way to star,by the do alot of those dots,so you can develope a pretty good aim.and the dagger strokes will come when the time is right so don´t worry
Hi, welcome to the forum, don't let the dots and daggers etc get you down, they are the foundation for everything else you will ever do. And one day, the stars will align and you will just be able to do it, and the be able to paint anything you want.
A warm welcome from Germany. We've all been there and done that - dagger strokes, dots and lines until they reappear in your dreams....
But it's worth it! Have fun with the Neo!!
welcome to the forum my freind from kent glad to have you here everyone on here is helpfull and will answer any questions you may have so pull up a chair fill up your cup and start slinging some paint