Hello from the UK!



Hi all, I'm Tufty from the UK. I'm new to airbrushing but I'm hooked. Bought a cheap airbrush then decide to go all out on a Iwata HP C Plus. So if anyone has any beginner projects for me to try out so I can justify the outlay to the wife I would be greatful. :concern:
Welcome, just try the tutorials the tutor has provided. If you do the leopard rite, she will let you buy more!!
Welcome aboard tufty, enjoy yourself on here mate, as Seamonkey said, try all the tutorials have a bash at the eye and the leopard and show the misses some cool airbrushed stuff in the gallery, then tell her we all make loads of money out of it:).
Follow the advice on here mate and ask any questions, we are all here to help and there is plenty of beginners on here you are not alone, i also bought a HP-C +, very nice airbrush, you wont go wrong with that, just look after it and it will look after you.
Hello and welcome Tufty ,you have come to the right place to learn .
Welcome mate, you'll find this forum very useful and it will push you to learn more! The best accessory to have with an airbrush is a bunch on brains doing the same thing that provide honest feed back.
Go to a bowling alley and see if you can get any old pins. You can fix the damage with spot putty for cars. Paint them up and make a little cash. Most alleys are pretty cool with it over here because they get next to nothing to send old pins back in. I worked out a deal with one alley by offering to paint a pin up for him in trade for a box of old pins. Kind of tricky to paint on because of the angles but it's good for practice and can make a few bucks.
Thank you all. I've Been doing tutorials, dagger strokes I'm struggling with. :mad-new:
Dont worry, i also had problems with the dagger stroke at the beginning. It needs some practice untill you have it in you, its easy to forget to realease the trigger in the end but keep the airflow on lol.
You will also realise when you practice that the dagger strike is easier for you in some directions then the others, just keep practicing.
Its frustrating when its made to look easy on the tutorials lol.
:) that's why Mitch is the teacher and we are his humble students, cos he makes it look so easy