Hello from UK


The Dweller

Hi there i am from Cambridge in the UK and bought my first every Airbrush today, i am a complete virgin and in your hands :tickled_pink:

I enjoy painting Warhammer 40,000 models, so i am here to hopefully learn how to use my airbrush to its full potential :)
hi there Dweller, this is a good place to be , and welcome from sunny south africa
Thank you for your kind welcome, am hoping to find a happy home here :)
Hey mate, just up the road I'm from pboro! Welcome to the forum, if up you need any help, have any questions just ask
Welcome home Dweller. Nice to have you here and add you to the family.
Warhammer both a great RPG video card and a huge following for a action figure board game. Some of those models are pretty good size and some are just super tiny (at least here in the states)
You have found a great place to learn from .
Welcome aboard Dweller from Calgary. You've come to the right place to learn :)
Welcome to the family from the states!! Can't wait to see how you like the airbrush!!

"Sometimes you have to let one slip......just to remind people your $#!+ really does stink ;)
Hello mate and welcome to the best damn forum out there...yes it is true..don't believe anyone I've they tell you otherwise :). I am also very close to you near Bury st Edmunds! So dive in mate and enjoy yourself, friendly old bunch on here, if not slightly wacko:(
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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