Hello from Whitby, Ontaio, Canada


Air Canada

I started airbrushing about 6 months ago and love it. With no artistic background it has been a steep learning curve but fun and frustrating at times, lol. Currently my equipment is entirely Iwata with a top, bottom, side and a custom brush. My compressor is also an Iwata for the desk top and an old very noisy CH I use with my air tools. My latest purchase was a Silouette Cameo which I'm having fun learning how to use. I look forward to seeing everyone's work and contributing where I can. Cheers AC
Thanks guys! Seamonkey I love your city especially Sticky Fingers, um um. And stranger, me being of German decent have always wanted to visit there, some day I hope. And Strickly, I believe I was motorcycling in your neck of the woods last week, I was down in the Old Forge area for the week end. I'm a traveller, lol.
yup sure were you were bout an hour and half away love lake george some fun windy roads up there did you go up prospect montain?
Welcome from Holland. You bought yourself some nice equipment! This forum is the best place to get the most out of that.
Welcome, it sounds like you are all set to go...this forum will help you. Happy Airbrushing :)
Welcome!!!!! People from all over the planet here. I'm sure after a few hundred posts they may even put you up in their house if you wanna visit. ABing is what brought us all together and Mitch has it down to a science. Have a good time and learn at your own pace.