Hello from Winnipeg Canada



Hey everyone, my name is Justin, just brand new to airbrushing and signed up for a beginners automotive airbrushing course in February. I ordered a while back and have been playing with my Iwata Eclipse HP-CS and TCP-Global TC-20T air compressor.
Thanks for all the warm welcomes :). I started to post in the beginners airbrushing about a angry bird helmet I did. Just asked some questions about my results.
hey justin great to have you on board, a great place to learn and share info

welcome from the u.k
Thanks :-D found out my course has an earlier date this monday cant wait! I love you guys in the UK top gear is my favorite show and hope one day to fly out there :) and enjoy your country
Hello Justin and welcome from the US, loads of friendly help and experience here.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place homes as i do!!!:triumphant: