Hello im smik AA


micheal a wenham

im am an air brush artist who is just starting out i go by the name smik i do alot of my art with a close friend of mine who also got an airbrush at the saim time matthew healey of Air Arts, i have a great deal of expereance with letter styles and my style of painting has an influence of arosole art and bright bold colours, i have been doing canvas art for about 3 years now mainly with paint markers and arosole and now have had the oppertunity to branch out in to airbrushing :) i use an iwata airbrush witch is great so far ;)and am interested in painting city landscapes,buildings,under water landscapes,coral,fish, and would love to learn how to airbrush realisum type pictures in the future such as animals and people thank you all for welcoming me to your airbrush forum ..smik aa
hey smik welcome along buddy, looking forward to seeing some of your work, you are in good hands with air arts!!!
A warm central Texas USA welcome to the forum Smik. Hope to see some picks of your work.
welcome fron honduras,hope you can call this place home,as i do!!!:loyal: