Hello is there anybody in there? :D



Hello everybody I'm Carlos "Sakki" Duran from Quito - Ecuador (wth is this?) lol
I've bought a "marca patito" airbrush that´s how we call it here to the thing that actually didn't have a recognized brand or stuff like that. But this aerographer is doing the job nice and it only cost 20 bucks. I think it's kinda chinese or something but as long as I know I just want something that helps me improving my art. So that's all about my airbrush.
I apologize about my english as I said I'm from Ecuador we speak spanish here (remember? Ecuador? uhmmm Galápagos islands???? lol)
What else errr.... well... I guess I'm going to airbrush right now hehe.... See ya guys!
Hello Carlos welcome to the forum. I Hope you enjoy the forum!
Welcome to the forum Carlos and post some of your work soon :)
Hola Carlos and welcome to the forum. lots of great artist here to learn from.
Halo desde el Reino Unido, este es un gran foro para aerografía.
Yo no hablo español, aparte de pedir la comida y beber cuando estoy de vacaciones en España.
Puedo usar el traductor de google así que espero que esto se ha traducido del Inglés al Español lo suficiente para que usted pueda entender.
Disfrute el sitio.
Hey Carlos,your English is fine. I always feel bad when people speak english so well, and I can't speak another language. I will learn Spanish one day I hope. Hope to see some of your work posted soon!