Hello, new. Have Newbie questions about primers.

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Intimidated by understanding all things airbrush and paint. But starting here. I've done a few searches but not finding answers to a questions I have. Maybe I'm just not using the correct search.

I want to paint some wood. And I want to airbrush it.

I know I need to seal the wood there is some grain in it. And it have a few scratches so I 'll fill it with wood filler and sand it all down.

Ok - to my question.
I was going to use Createx Wicked Paints in my airbrush. Water based. I need to put a primer coat down right? This is so I have a white canvas for the paints to go on top. Plus it'll fill and give me a nice surface to work from/protect the wood. I looked for some kind of primer on Createx website and they have a few but none of them say they are for wood application.

Which leads me to... What primers can I use? I have a can of Dura Paint primer but it's a rattle can and enamel. Can I paint on top of that with Water based paints?

I'm guessing I can get a water based primer from some can at Home Depot but I was hoping I could spray something on...

Sorry, total newb. and a bit confused by all the chemicals and what can be mixed with what.
I'm a newcomer to airbrushing, but not to painting, so I can help some.

A primer isn't completely necessary, but will help. Surface prep is very important for any paint work. The better sealed and consistent the surface is, the better the job will look in the end. Besides, wood is porous by nature, so sealing it is a good idea.

You can prime with anything, really. Even if you use an oil based primer, as long as you let it cure first you can spray acrylic over it. Besides, Wicked paint will adhere to just about anything. It's often used for automotive work. Maybe give the primer a light scuff with fine grit sandpaper and clean it first.

The others here should to be able to fill in anything I missed.
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Ok. Thanks.

That’ is all great insight and very helpful!

I guess I’ll give it a go with my Durapaint and see what happens. I’ll just make sure to give it enough time to cure. I think it says 24 hours on the can. Is there a way to tell when it’s cured?
Createx as a brand don't do primers..... AutoAir is their other brand... primers galore... pick a colour.. both createx and auto-air are compatible with each other.
I have the Auto-aim transparent sealer and use it on all sorts of surfaces.

Createx airbrush colors are more craft/textile oriented and will need a 'large' needle / nozzle (.5)
Createx wicked / wicked detail will work wonderfully for what you intend to do
Thanks JackEB.

Question: Are 'Createx Airbrush Colors' and 'Creatrex Wicked/ Wicked Detail' the same thing?

I appreciate the info. I do have a .5 nozzle.
No they aren’t the same
Createx airbrush Colors are aimed at
t-shirts/textiles/leather and all sorts of craft oriented stuff- prefers a .5 needle and ~50psi.

wicked/wicked detail will also do the above but can do hard surface (aluminium panels/cars/RC cars) with great results

illustration is aimed at artwork (but not restricted to art) it has a slower drying time which allows for erasing. Also has a finer pigment to allow it to be used in a micron if .15 which requires lower pressure of 10 (sometimes less) to 20psi which gives greater control for more detail