Hello! New user looking for advice!



Hello! First time poster

I've been into scale-modelling (1/48 aircraft) and miniature painting (warhammer) for a few years now, and have decided it's time to get a brush! I've done a lot of reading and research and I'm still unsure of the brush that would best benefit me.

This is what I need the brush to do: (most of the things stated are probably artist controlled lol)
-Spray sharp / tight lines
-Be able to spray large enough to cover 1/48 and 1/32 scale planes that wont take forever
-Be able to spray down to 28mm model miniatures (google warhammer if you're not sure of the scale of these tiny annoyances)

The brush for the miniatures will be used for base coating, layering and general zenithal lightning and high-lighting.. but a real close, detailed spray would be really nice for the tiny details on these models.

The brush for the airplanes will be used on its entirety; from panel lines to radomes and weathering.

I've looked at a few reviews online and on this site and it seems that the Iwata Hi-Line may be the better unit for what I need it for, specifically the HP-CH. This unit may be overkill but the MAC valve sure sounded sweet.
Please help me out here!
hi eclipse! thats a great brush for sure! also the badger krome is a cheap high detail brush, that comes with a fine and also an ultra fine needle setup, so you can change the setup dependent on the task.....all depends on your budget buddy, the h& s 2 in 1 its also another great brush, I think I saw someone on here who said they may be selling one also.....where are you based, that will affect prices and also recommendations for which brush hugely
Thanks for the reply!

I live in Calgary, Alberta. I don't mind spending on the Hi-Line but if there's something cheaper that will produce like results then I'm all down for your suggestions!
I havnt got one yet but from anyone who has I've heard you are hard pressed to beat iwata....only thing is replacement parts can be a tad expensive...
I've accumulated a fair number of airbrushes. But, as I state on my website, if I only had one, the Badger 155 Anthem would be it. It will go from wide coverage to almost pencil line without changing anything. And, with the new super fine conversion kit, it will do hairlines. I rarely use bottles, but I can if I need to. it's rugged and super easy to clean and it feels good in my hand. Everything is replaceable and parts are cheap. It's the airbrush I use.

I can't post a link to the site here yet, but if you Google Don's airbrush tips, it will pop up.