Hello & thanks



hello all, thank you for the inspiration. i have been reading this forum for a while now & have finally decided to post, even managed to put piccy in my avatar. i am complete novice at forum posting but wish to be part of this community.
I have always drawn & did paint jobs on radio control stuff for my brothers hobby shop. Illness has given me time to paint & recently people have been asking to buy some of my work which has taken me by surprise.
i will try to set up an album for my work & look forward to your advice on making it better.

once again thank you to one & all
Hello my friend and welcome to ther family.....with this hobby and also this forum I believe you get out what you put in....so jump in, ask questions, share the laughs and spread that love...p.s where abouts are you from, sometimes worth posting country at least I your profile so people can advise on local stuff...
Welcome Home Gixer, You have found the right place to hang out have fun and learn..
G'day Gixer and welcome to the forum! hope you enjoy your time here buddy:) If you have any questions for us just ask away!
welcome.I just joined yesterday so I dont have any words of wisdom to share, but thought id say hello
Welcome to the family gixer!!! Feel free to start a thread showing us your work!! You will fit right in ere and have fun!!