Hello there from Nebraska.



Hey everyone my name is Kyle and I am a fellow airbrusher in grand island Nebraska. I currently am in the process of opening up my own custom shop. I work full time and also full time on my art. I will be posting up some pictures of some of my work when I get a chance. Nice to meet everyone
Hi Kyle, welcome from the UK. Looking forward to seeing some of your work :)

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Welcome in my friend, enjoy yourself, join in and meet some great talent and down right decent people...oh and dont forget the spreading the love bit!!
Welcome a board from Las Vegas. Congrats and good luck with the new shop. Looking forward to see some of your work.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes, oh and I deny the cornhuskers claim 100%. Sorry about not posting sooner been crazy busy with getting my shop put together and working fulltime. I finally got on here and figured I throw out some of my work only to find out I havent posted enough to be able too. OOPS! haha anyways Ill have some up as soon as Teach lets me