Hello there




My real firstname is Guillaume and I am from France.

I am quite a newbye at airbrushing. I am more of a model hobbyist, and I paint mostly 28mm scale wargame and tabletop RPG miniatures. I mainly paint miniatures with brushes and oil paints.

But I also do some airbrushing. As getting details at this scale is quite difficult I mainly airbrush basecoats (with Humbrol enamel paints) and I paint over with oil paints. I also get my best metal rendering by airbrushing Alclad lacquers.

And some times ago, I have felt brave enough to make light effects with airbrush directly on 28mm scale miniatures with standard hobby acrylics (Citadel / Privateer Press / Prince August Air) or airbrush dedicated acrylics (Hansa).

I still love oil painting, but I am getting incresingly fed up with hobby acrylics and their very limited durability (you can scratch them with your nail).

So I first seeked information over the web to see if automotive paints could be used for modeling. As I read many airbrushing forums, I became more and more interested in airbrushing bigger objects. I think I will start modestly with cheap roller skate helmets.

So I decided to register to this forum to seek advice and here I am.
After this introduction, my first post will be in the airbrush paints forum.

Thanks in advance to those who will help me.
Bonjour from the uk, hope you find everything you need here, if not just ask. Enjoy:)
What ignis said.... that sounded impressive ;)

And that was almost French.

"Bienvenue a ce forum de Pays-Bas."

"Bienvenue des Pays-Bas sur ce forum." is the correct form.

"Bienvenue sur ce forum des Pays-Bas" would also be grammatically correct, but one would understand that the forum is from the Netherlands, not the person wishing welcome.

Thank you all.