Hello there ...



Hi there,

my name is Jens and I am not only new to this, but new to airbrushing.

I just wanted to color the Warhammer Figurines of my son with a base color more easily, so I bought a cheap airbrush kit...

now 2 months later I am totally sucked into this - its really fun and it can slow you down after a busy day...

I changed for some nicer brush and a better compressor and I set up a space in my basement, still I am struggeling and practicing the basics.

The tutorials and all the stuff here are so awesome helpful, I big thankks to eveyone here !


Hi Jens, welcome to the forum. Lots to learn from here and nice people to help you get there. Tell us a bit more about your setup, what airbrush you have and what paint you are using. This will help us give you better advice if you have any issues.

...Tell us a bit more about your setup, what airbrush you have and what paint you are using...

I have a Harder & Steenbeck Infiniy and an AERO Pro HTC 30 A... iam am using ProColor as I work mostly on Paper...
For the Warhammer models I use the Citadel colors reduced 1:1.5 (1.5 parts water) I use the other cheap airbrush (Conrad HP 330) to spray them, as these are not really airbrush colors (still they are acrylic and citadel sells an "airbrush" by themselves) and I do not want to struggle with my new infinity by now...

What else ? I built a box with some fans and a filter from a project someone documented on the web so it sucks away some of the particles flying around....
I have a little room in my basement, that I dedicate to hobby stuff, so right now its set up for airbrush...

As I live around the corner from the manufacturer mentioned above, there will be more stuff soon ;-)

I am currently trying to devellop control of my airbrush, which seems to be a quest ;-)


Welcome Jens! ! Glad to have you with us. ... Will be awesome to see you progress. .... we hear alot of Good things about the h and s infinity. .... Nice brush!

Welcome again from the UK
Welcome home Jens,, Warhammer 40k Rocks . My eldest son plays that and the youngest plays Halo both like it when I customize one of their figures to suit their needs.
Look forward to seeing what you have learned.
welcome aboard Jen, good to have you with us, keep spreading that love my friend keep spreading:)
Jens, welcome from Chicago. I am also a H&S Infinicky owner/addict. Nice to have another Infinicky owner in this ocean of Micron "fanatics" (LOL).
Hi Jens, welcome from Sheffield uk, glad you've discovered the beauty of airbrushing , frustrating at first but persistence certainly pays off in the end , I'm fairly new to airbrushing myself and I know it seems a big mountain to climb but study mich's tutorials and it will start to sink in with practice. good luck with your development and welcome to the family :)
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:encouragement:
Hey, welcome from New York

Wicked, AutoAir Createx colors
Eclipse HP Cs and omni 5000...
welcome jen ,
I hope I take to airbrushing like it sounds like you did im a newbie too.