HELLO TO ALL, from Chattanooga, TN!!


Air-Valve Autobot!
Hello, my name is Josh. I am a 33 yr old father of 2 boys and married to the greatest woman on the planet!! I am a pipefitter by day and starving airbrush artist by night!!! I recieved a airbrush for christmas 2010. I didnt touch it for 4 months cause I was stuborn and liked COLORED PENCILS!!! Ha, I haven't used a pencil since!! I am addicted!!! I have learned EVERYTHING from youtube and I'm so greatfull for the AIRBRUSH TUTOR for making it fun as well as giving A+++ instructions!!!I am still a newbie but I have put out some quality work but i still have a long way to go!!! thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to get to chat with you all!!:cool:


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Seamonkey! welcome to the forums my friend. Would love to see some of your work! glad to see we reached Chattanooga!


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Welcome Josh , Airbrush Tutor does make it fun to learn. And to think I spent good money on DVD's to learn more off his youtube channel the on most of the dvd I bought.


HI Seamonkey. I too am a colored pencil illustrator and I finally picked up my airbrush and I absolutely love it. It's very addicting.