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I have only picked up an airbrush in the last month and would like to say I'm having a great time but it is a struggle. I purchased a Iwata Neo just to get started and some acyrlic paint and thinners from the paint store for practice. I think this is my problem, cheap airbrush and wrong paint.

anyway good to be part of this forum as there is a hell of a lot of experiance here to tap into.

time to get airbrushing
Many start as you have. The brush can work. A good cleaning and lube with airbrush lube will help too. Try airbrush specific paints first and just know that all waterbased paints get tip dry . Which ever paint you get get a bottle if their reducer. Createx original and spectratex only need water to thin.

Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Hello and welcome Chilli from the US, If you give us a bit of info on what you are painting...canvas, paper, metal, ect., and what paint you are using we can give you better info based on that vs a generic answer. You will most likely get a bunch of info from many so take it all in and use what works for you.
Welcome home Chilli nice to add you into the family.
The Neo is a good little brush. .35 set up on it . Mainly it is getting to know your paint.
75% water mixed with 25 % denatured alcohol makes a perfect thinner for Createx.
Spectra _Tex made by Badger hardly needs any reduction .
You may look for WICKED (made by createx ) which works on almost any surface you can paint on and is a bit nicer to work with than standard Createx.
hey chilli welcome buddy.... are you using actual thinners for reducing/thinning or are you using a reducer.... you can not use thinners with water based acrylics.... its like mixing oil with water..... it dont work!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:beguiled:
Hi Chilli, and welcome!
Don't know if this helps but I started out with Com-Art paint made by Medea. It's pre-thinned and good for illustration work on paper. I too am a beginner so maybe there is something better but it worked for me and helped me gain some confidence in my airbrush.
Other paints (e.g. Createx Auto-Air or Wicked) work too but perhaps need a little thinning, and you can spray the Wicked's onto almost any surface.
Cheers, Shobber
thank you all for the great welcome. At the moment I'm using thinners to dilute the paint. I'm going to invest in some wicked colours. I'm painting everything that doesn't move in my shed. Dagger strokes every where.