hello tread : about me



me me me ! :p lol no seriously

about 6 years ago ( man its been a long time) i was fascinated with airbrush and about that time i also decided that my time would be spent more wisely if i had hobbys and maybe i would get to enjoy life at some point .
im a man in my mid 30s and single ( ladies :p )

after all that time the airbrush has been in the closet and out a few times but i still can't paint, i sux :-(
i can do lines but far from perfect , dots i still get splatter, daggers over my head with that one .

i own a iwata compressor (40psi maxed) amd a HP-CS i got some old createx paint ( came with the kit or somthing)
my progress is very slow ( honest can't even do "the eye")

i 'll probably start another tread on : how much time i "wasted" on this the good thing tho is that it focuses my attention and thends to make me relax so im not ready to give it up yet

beyond AB i work in computer networking ( tech support analyst) been working in the field for 15 years :-( man im old ...

well enough about me lets talk about you ! .
Welcome to the forum. Airbrushing can be relaxing. At least I keep telling myself this. It flows and is a dream when it work how you want. Getting there is the hard part. Practice is the only way. So pick up that brush and sling some paint.

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Welcome home , and your OLD?????????? Your still a pup:D
You have found the place to learn , ask questions and get answers and most of all have fun .
Post up some of your work even if it is just the dots and daggers .
Hey eric, you just made your biggest airbrush improvement yet, joining the forum! All the advice and encouragement you'll ever need right here. (And plenty of thread jacking, and laughs)You'll nail those dots and daggers in no time. You have one of the best brushes in IMO, (without spending stupid amounts of money anyway) it's what I use. With a bit more info we can get you pointed the right way. As you mentioned a kit, I'm guessing the compressor was part of that. Do you know what model? Does it have a tank? A lot of kit compressors don't, so you may well have what is known as pulsing, as the air struggles to keep up, so you will not be able to get consistent paintflow. Also what type of painting do you want to do? Createx paint is really for textiles and is usually sprayed at higher pressure than usual, and as it is a bit old will probably need filtering (some tights (panty hose??) is good for this, and it's a good habit to get into anyway). Also you will need to find your sweet spot, the perfect ratio of paint/reducer and airpressure to get that perfact paintflow. Unfortunately there's no magic formula for this, it's a case of experimenting and trial and error, use the recommendation on the paint bottle as a starting point, add reducer one drop at a time and adjust the pressure, the more reducer the lower the pressure. This will also give more control over fades and building up tones etc. As Herb said above, post up some of your stuff, even if you think it sucks. No trolls here, you'll just get great advice, which is easier to give if people can see what any issues are. Giving up is not an option LOL!
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!by the way nice intro,made me laugh a little!!!
Welcome Eric, I've noticed some informative replies to posts already, I think you'll fit in very nicely here :)
cheers Mel
im thinking of doing anther attempt at "the eye" . i will defenetly try to reduce the paint : somehow never tought of that ... i usually use the paint just strait but it might give me more control on the "paint on"/ "paint off" part
the paint i have is actually "comart" the opaques have dried up a bit and are not the best so im sticking to transparent black right now ( i still havn't finished the first bottle![edit] : after 6 years!)
early on i was pretty active but i "dosed off" for a few years ( no room to paint)
( i do have some createx tho still in the packaging)

the compressor dosent have a tank but air dosent seam to be a problem . i can do lines pretty nice but they always end tapered somehow otherwise the have a buble at the end. ill try doing the losange exercise from mel(good thinkig) to show you a bit . im mostly looking for consistency and i just dont have it ( 1 over 5 is good 4 are bad in some way) this is what i am working as for dots still lots of splatter when i dont reduce the air down to 20psi ( its 40 if i dont)

im trying to take off my mind doing other stuff, but not so easy .

i also bought "daniel power" 's dvds ( 1 &2 ) hopefully ill learn some litle detail that will make all the diffrence and see some "magical" progress...

i'll try posting some images ... ( got crap load of "exercise sheets" as i kept them all :p ! just gota scan them . )
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Reducing will definitely help, and mess about with your pressure until you can get uninterrupted lines, with no spitting and spattering (you may get spidering if you are keeping your brush in the same place too long), don't worry about going for something fine or hairlike. Concentrate on clean lines and a smooth finish (by this I mean paint shouldn't look grainy). You may have to persevere a bit, but when you've got it, as long as your brush is in super clean condition (particularly the nozzle, blockages or even a bit of paint residue will affect performance) you will have the consistency you need, and those exercises will suddenly get a hell of a lot easier!
Sample progress big splatter is because of the brush being mal ajusted when i started painting. ( lots of play in the needle had to adjust and then spray excess of what was drawn out when i was playing with needle. )


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Welcome along eric great to have you with us....where abouts are you from?
I like your idea there of practice lines within a diamond...good job!
I like your idea there of practice lines within a diamond...good job!

its actually "mel" (i dont know he account name) on youtube's idea or at least thats where i got it

i found it clever indeed makes you practice diffent lenghts both vertically and horizontally

im from canada more precisely montreal region.
its actually "mel" (i dont know he account name) on youtube's idea or at least thats where i got it

i found it clever indeed makes you practice diffent lenghts both vertically and horizontally

im from canada more precisely montreal region.

Why Thankyou guys, I guess I'm not just an ugly face LOL!
Cheers Mel
Showin' 'em how it's done. Good on ya Mel!

Ha Ha thanks Squishy.

It was a design I came up with for me to do as a quick warm up before painting and I wanted to cover as much of the basics as possible but keep it dead easy. So I made a YouTube video of it for others to use in my Learn Along with Mel 19 - Quick Dots, lines and dagger strokes Exercise.
Cheers Mel