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Hello All, Im from QLD Australia.... Would love to learn how to airbrush on paper, My mother was and still is very artistic, I make concrete statues and airbrush them, this is how I came about the forum. Ive dicovered I need a new airbrush. Anyway Im here to learn and look forward to all advice. :)
good to meet you Robyn! QLD = God's country. how do you make concrete statues? you have to chisel out and carve with heavy files? welcome by the way!
The Concrete statues are actually moulds that are made from a Latex and has a plaster outer case.... I mainly do the "green tree frog" and lizards, I 1st sculpture a templet with plastasine, coat this with liquid latex, then make the outer"shell" with plaster...
Here is 1 of many Green tree frog statues I do, Please dont look to closely at the paint work, as I said before I need to buy a new airbrush, which I have ordered, Just have to wait for the postie now :)

Absolutely gorgeous,lived in Ipswich for a few years and had the most beautiful emerald green frog that frequented my kitchen windowsill.Enjoy airbrushing, keep up the awesome work
Thanks Ros, I love them...... They are our eco system :)
Thanks, I hope I come out of this as talented as some of you guys, Ive been playing with the airbrush ( the 1 thats going in the bin when the new 1 arrives ) for the past couple of days and I can honestly say Im hopeless :-(.... My wheelie bin is full of sheets of paper...Lol.... Oh well, can only try I guess.

give yourself some credit my friend. Your frog is beautiful. The more you enjoy yourself and the more you realize that you are doing this for you first, the better you will become.
Thanks guys, been flat out pouring frog moulds, havent had a chance to play on paper......... Some good news :).... my paaschs air brush arrived this afternoon....... I guess Im going to be busy tomorrow then.........

Hi robyn, i missed this thread i just saw your frog! they're incredible! you can't paint a frog like that and say you're hopeless!! looks incredible:) I'm finishing off some control exercises and tutorials to upload this weekend so watch out for them - they'll help out anybody wanting to improve their airbrush control=)
Absolutely chuffed with the new air brush, managed to paint 2 dozen of the 13 different statues I have..... Its now trying to the find time to play on paper......:)
Thankyou Seamonkey..... I'de still like to find some time to have shot at an eye on paper, I use to do these frog statues years ago, they sell really well at markets and gift shops. At the moment though, pouring, oxiding and painting them is taking a fair chuck of my time off when Im not at work....
Im off to the Riverside Markets in Rockhampton QLD tomorrow guys to pump to the public my frogs and gecko's, Have been flat out while Im not at work pouring and airbrushing to the point that Im dreaming green :) wish me luck, and will let you all know how I went.......
cheers :)