New on here, I'm from London England, been drawing and painting for years, Love the airbrush, but it don't love me much.
I have had a Passche H and VJR brushes, which are good, but I have bought a Iwata CHP and I'm amazed how much better it is.
I paint with Gouche, water colour, Liquitex Acrylic and FW acrylic inks on paper and board, and Auto air on metal, not had the nerve to paint on my car yet.
But might do one day soon.
So hello everyone here.:biggrin-new:
Welcome aboard, glad to have you here and look forward to seeing some of your work.
Hello and welcome from merry old Indiana....LOL throw up some pics and join in the fun .
G'day Mark and welcome aboard:) interested to see how you go with all those different types of paints you use
Hi from another Brit! Think that car needs some paint! Maybe you could choose a design and practise it a few times on a metal panel, post it here for advice if needed, then try it on the car!