hi from DR.vision i.m new to the forum and airbrushing. i've den drawing from a young age and recently taken up airbrushing as for a long time i've deen interesteb
Hello and welcome to the forum. If you have any questions just make a post and the friendly people on here will help you out.
Welcome doc! Hey I have a pain in my back that I got from carrying all this talent for so long it is killing me!!! You got any tips???? Lol!! Welcome to the forum, you will love it here!

Welcome to the forum, some great people here with great insight!!!!
yes as your doc i recommend sharing the talent and easing your burden lol. maybe u can help me i've den mapping out my work in blake and then adding color and sum tims they look muddy not brit can u help.
Weeeelcome doc. I thought maybe you would tell Josh if it hurts when he does that then stop doin that. Charge him 150, take Motrin and call in the mornin ;) he does have serious talent to go with that serious back ache. Enjoy the forum, great atmosphere to learn!
Welcome! I'm new here myself...

As for your muddy color question - if I might throw in - you might be trying to blend too many colors OR, if the paint is still wet/damp, that could do it too (depending on what paint you are using).