Hi, interesting to find this place......started airbrushing a long time ago having spent 3 years at Blackpool under the watchful eye of Messrs Tom Liddel and Glen Sidebottom.....have spent many years airbrushing and painting since, although not as much now.

Found this place while looking for CS10 board, which many old timers reading this will know as 'THE' media of choice for airbrush artists at the time.....unfortunately it's no longer available....I managed to buy a box of the stuff last year from a graphic designer near Manchester that was having a clear out.....

If there is anyone else out there that happens to have any of the stuff in good condition then drop me a line.....

I'm a devout Aerograph Super63 user and have managed to build up a good collection of them along with spares and all the usual bit's and pieces illustrators never throw away...!!!! :hopelessness::smile-new:

Best wishes to all of you, will enjoy having a look around the site....

Will stick some pics up in the gallery......

All the best


Ha......those were the days......:friendly_wink:

I still have my elipse guides and Rotring pens too.....:encouragement:
hi julian welcome brother....was gonna point you on the direction of sileps post....apparently he had 20 packs of the stuff but I see you have already found it....good luck on your quest!
Cheers fella.....

sorry to hear about your compressor.....
yer thanks mate....its a dark dark day in cambridgeshire
Cheers Squishy.......some nice bike stuff you've done!!!!