Hi.. my name is James and from Ireland... I've just got myself an airbrush kit and happened on this really nice forum which is full of great work and friendly advise... I have been into art from I can't even remember:)... drawing, painting and traditional sculpting... I'm also self taught in digital 3d modeling/sculpting/texturing and animation and have used photoshop for over a decade. I'm very excited and looking forward to airbrushing... can't believe I've only discovered airbrushing at 40!!

well... just a short intro and looking forward to sharing and learning and improving:)

Welcome aboard James!! I saw your pics you posted, you got quite a bit of natural airbrushing talent there!! Definitely a friendly environment around here, everyones willing to help in one way or another. Like you, I was 35-1/2yrs old when I first tried airbrushing and now Im hooked!!! Glad to have ya here at the forum!
Hi James from the UK mate, good to have you on board:) You already have heaps of artistic talent and I think you are going to fit it just great, plus I think you will also be able to advise us with some of your many skills. Enjoy and spread the love:)
Welcome home James. At 40 you say , Why your still a young pup ....LOL