Needle-chuck Ninja
Hi all,

Been following this forum for a while but bever introduced myself.

My name is Patrick and live in Nieuwgein in the Netherlands.

Been airbrushing for about 3 years.

Did some workshops and courses.
Jp nijs
Daniël Power

and Marissa.

Nice to see al the great work on the forum.
Helps me to develope lots of ideas.
Welcome Patrick to the forum, great to have you with us, sounds like you have had some excellent course under your belt! Looking forward to seeing your work, you will fit in just great here:)
With those courses done, you cannot introduce yourself without adding some results ;)
And hello ofcourse, from the Netherlands as well ;)
Hi Dennis,

Folowing the courses doesn't mean i can compete with any of them:topsy_turvy:
I noticed you already found my other thread with pictures, and probaly saw some of my work on the dutch forum.
Competing with them is a new level in itself ofcourse, but it's nice to have learned from the best. If I look at the results from Marissa's workshops, everyone must have jumped in level and the results look great so it does raise my expectations from your art ;)
And the Leopard looks great yes!
I still haven't registered on the dutch forum actually, should do that too :)