My name is
Denis. I'm from Russia, Tula.
My English is very bad.(
I will use GoogleTranslator.
I am 30years old. I draw from my childhood.
Igraduated from the Faculty of Design in Tula University.
I have been airbrushing since 2007.


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Welcome Denis to this fantastic site, you make nice work
,Добро пожаловать на этот фантастический сайт,красивая работа, которую вы делаете
Hi Denis

Welcome to the forum, I think you have a lot to offer us here.

Спасибо за гостеприимство! Если я буду писать по-русски, будет понятно?

Thank you for your hospitality! When I write in Russian, will be understood?

It will now
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Welcome to the forum, I agree with Malky.
As your english is bad, can you use google translate ?
Добро пожаловать на форум, я согласен с Малки.
Как ваш английский плох, вы можете использовать Google Translate?
Да конечно мы понимаем Вас.Без проблем ,Какие краски вы используете
whe will understand, more people are bad in english, what kind of paint you juse
More imprtantly, how did you do that fantastic work, and what fer said, what paint :)

Более imprtantly, как ты это сделал фантастическую работу, и что фер сказал, что писать :)
Now use the PPG.Previously painted SPIES HECKER
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Hi and welcome from NZ, I travelled to Ukraine about 20 years ago and saw the art in some of the churches over there and was amazed, this is what made me decied to have a go at airbrushing.