Hi my name is frank, I'm 26 and i recently got into airbrushing. I got a master brand g23 or something and messed around with it for a few weeks, loved it so much I ended up getting an iwata hp-sbs. I was always into graphites and watercolors growing up, this is the best of both worlds. I'm looking to learn as much as I can and continue to grow as an artist. Very hard for me to control still, but i'm getting more and more comfortable as the days go on. Hope to learn from all of the great artists here!
Welcome Home Frank. Glad to have you in the family and you can learn so much here.
Welcome from the uk frank, enjoy your stay buddy can't wait to see some of your work
Hey Frank, welcome to the forum, I can recommend the practise sheets and tutorial vids from our very own AirbrushTutor. It's all available to help improve ourselves.