Hi everyone,

....hmmm a bit about myself. Just finished 30th 2 days ago, working as a senior production analyst in uk but I'm comming from Poland. I think art always been close to me. As far as I remember I was staring with pencil than a bit with charcoal. Around 10 years ago I've been introduced to 2D Flash animations and than 3D art (3dMax, Maxon 3D) which I quiet enjoyed. I've moved foreward to digital art (photoshop), photo retuching, manipulations and digital painting. Around half year ago I've been introduced to airbrushing but the funniest is that I can't remember how did It come to me I think it just apear and here I'm trying to understand what airbrushing. Firstly started with hehe chinese copies of Iwata (what a waste of money, I think I could aford for micron for the price which I've spend on it but maybe it was just me ), Like everyone of "us" I'm trying to find some at least and hour after work as a young fother can't aford of sacryfing time with my doughter to airbrushuing which is quiet hard to learn someting when you havent put all you into it but with small staff and masive help from "yous" I hope I've get there. I've started my airbrushing with murals and I've got a few work.

My "artworks" are in my Albums.

Trying to spread the LOVE :)


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Cześć Robi, welcome from the UK. I'm sure you will find all the help you will need to help you along with your airbrushing. Failing that we can always drink some ice cold Zubrowska & Apple Juice :)
Finding time is very hard when you have a young child, I look after my grandson a few days a week. No time to paint when he is here lol. I've started to let him do some painting, fingers crossed he will be interested when he is older and we can paint together.

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Welcome aboard from the the UK Robi, enjoy and yes you are spreading the love:)


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Wellllllcome from Florida!!! I too have a few young ones running around and time is always an issue. However once you get hooked the time is relative. Don't force it, be patient and most off all enjoy the journey.