Since i started airbrushing,about a year ago,i used only black and white,recently i bought a set of 10 transparent colours('com-art' the best brand available) and have no idea how to use them,layers,colour combination...how should i start?thanck youu
Which color set did you buy.
By that I mean what are the names of the colors?
Com-art makes some great paint.But the do have specialty set like the Steve Driscoll flesh set .
But with Transparents you can do a lot of different effects , as far as layering them to get different color , saturation of the color
But like John state the best way is to play around and see what effect and color blends you like .
I have started painting on a black background and used white for a under painting like this ...

Than used transparent color to give it life like this....
i'll look for a simple flower with one or two colours and start experimenting,try to obtain a 3D look.thank you for your answers :)