Hi there, my name is Lee and i am from Birmingham in the UK. I used to be told i had some degree of talent when it came to art when i was younger, but its something i have neglected for the past twenty years. Just after christmas i went and bought myself a small compressor and a Badger Krome and have since assembled a small collection of Createx, Pro Color and Com Art paints. I intend to add to them as and when i can afford it as it seems quite an expense to try and gather everything i might need in one go.

I tend to jump in the deep end with most things in life, and the only way to get myself back into something is to buy something new to play with, its not enough to just grab a pad and a pencil for me. I shall post a few of the things i have attempted so far.


This started out as a Johnny Cash but in the end i stopped worrying about making it look like him and just messed around with it.


This one is a loose copy of something i saw on a video, i paused the vid and sketched a rough outline on a canvas and again had a play around with it, not quite finished at the moment.


This one is something i am working on right now. It is a copy of someones artwork i saw on google images, i am not trying to pass this off as an original work by myself but i am afraid i didnt make a note of who the original belongs to. It has got to this stage mainly through me printing off a big stencil and laying down the base positions. I am a bit worried now as i am quite happy with the base and i am afraid i will ruin it when i go in and try and get some of the insane detail on there that is possible.

Thanks for creating a great site, i will certainly be reading a lot of threads on here and trying to pick up some tips. I have also started on the Leopard tutorial as i am in desperate need of getting the basics right before i get too carried away.

thanks for reading,

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Welcome to the family lee!! You have some nice looking work there!

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Welcome fellow Krome'ie, from over the pond.

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welcome from sunny south africa
good work there lee, keep it up.
I know i am preaching to myself as well - but - 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' - from what I can see in your work already - you have the skills to do what you need and to learn the techniques you want :)
Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I will start a thread in the WIP over the weekend and get back to my latest project and see how it comes along :)