I have been airbrushing scale models for about ten years, but after coming across Mitch doing his thing on Youtube I have decided to have ago at art work.
Big learning curve but it should be fun, which is the main reason I like having hobbies.

I live in Staffordshire UK, and currently run a model club as sec and also make master patterns of ships which I then cast for another group I belong too.
No spring chicken me, I just seem to want to do more things now my kids are all grown up.

Hi Roy
Welcome to the forum from a fellow brit. There are plenty of Fab folk on here who will keep you going in the right direction.

Welcome home Roy, Nice to add you to the family ,
Post up some of those models.
and your in good company as far as not being a spring chicken...LOL
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Thanks for the welcome, i hope to learn and have fun at the same time.
I'll try and post pics

who would you recommend as a supplier of Wicked paints here in the uk