Hello I have just found your forum and I am very excited. I am not a airbrush artist yet but I have joined to find out some questions first before I buy my equipment . My name is Susan I travel in our 5th wheel home for 8 months of the year took early retirement to in joy life. I am from Ontario Canada I travel 6 months here in the USA and 6 back in Canada traveling about 4 months their. I have always been interested in airbrushing and now is the time to start. So to say I will be a traveling airbrush artist. Other things I do is Vinyl decals lettering, rhinestone designs and a little screen printing as a little hobby that bring in a few dollars to help with the cost of trying out airbrushing so in other word I have a very very small budget lolo

Thanks for reading my info
Welcome home Susan nice to add you to our wacky and fun family .
You have found the right spot to learn have fun and hang out.
Welcome to the forum Susan, you are in the right place to learn and flourish as an airbrush artist. Have a good browse arounf the forum and just ask if youre not sure of anything.

Hi Susan and welcome to the forum!! hopefully we can help answer those questions and if we can't Mr.Micron will. He runs the show here:loyal::cheerful:
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome it sounds like the right place to be. I look forward in learning a lot from you pros. I may drive you crazy with all the questions lolo.

Thank you again Susan
Welcome to the forum Susan.

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Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. I look forward in learning a lot from you pros. I am so excited to get going.

Thanks again
Welcome Susan the folks here are very helpful so ask away.
Hello Susan and welcome from the US, tell us what you are interested in learning to paint....tee-shirts or illustrative art, ect., and we can better suggest airbrush options, paint choices, ect.
depending on which area of art you want to go we don't want to see people start with junk but we also understand budget issues so just a ballpark would be for an airbrush $75 to $100 will get good quality, if you end up buying 2 or 3 cheap brushes it would have paid to make the leap from the get go. As for paints depending on your direction can be to start as little as $30 and increase with needs. I hope this gives a better idea to go forward.
hey susan.... welcome aboard!!, your travelling lifestyle actually sounds pretty cool and i dont think there are many members on here that manage to paint and keep up a nomadic style.

anyhow... any specific questions, hit the search bar as its probably been asked before, but if you cant find it feel free to throw up a new thread....
failing that if you just want to talk rubbish to someone there is generally someone about for that too!

welcome from the uk
Hi Susan, welcome from the uk! You've done the smart thing by finding out more before you buy anything. Just let us know what type of painting you'd like to do, i.e automotive, fine art, t-shirts etc, then we can point you towards the right equipment. Also with the travelling, do you have a motor home, stay with people you know, or hotels etc? Will you have a dedicated place to airbrush on your travels. It will help people advise you on a suitable compressor, especially if noise may be an issue, and I'm guessing you don't want anything too big to cart about. Would it need to fit in a certain sized space for example. Anyway, lots of people to get you on the right track here, so welcome aboard!
Might as well make it official, welcome from Michigan. Hope your little adventure is a fun ride.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal: