Just wanted to let you know a little about myself. Im connected to the automotive design community as a model maker , the artwork i have seen on show cars always intrigued me so i decided to get my feet wet in the airbrushing world. You guys facinate me big time! When i do get going on a project you might have to have alot of patience with me as i have tons to learn! Plan on touching bases with you in the future when the home projects wrap up ! Happy new year everyone !
hello from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:loyal:
Hello and welcome from the US, lots to learn here for all levels of expericence.
Welcome home, Nice to add you to the family .. We have a couple others from Michigan.
Patience, advice and friendship you'll definitely get from here. Welcome from Calgary
wow i lost this site and just was able to retrieve it. about 40 miles north of detroit at the moment. yourself?
waiting for a shipment from coast airbrushing and should have the studio about done.looks like a real flame job will be first project....gunna try a backdrop to an idle fireplace to try and give it some caracter while its not being used. looking forward to painting and chattin with ya all.
gotta have patience with me cuz you can tell im havin trouble navigatin already! meeshell what area ya in ? thank you all for the welcome aboard !
Nice up there i know , spend every weekend at the orchards on the ausable in the summer. Wish i could spend more time up there ! Lucky you !
wow ...this is so cool ! ...people from all over ! ...have patience with me you all ... cuz I feel like im struggling ! ...already !