hellou all



so i am from croatia and i am airbrushin from hobby from 2007 and nice to find you
Welcome buddy. Last year I was in trogir in Croatia :)

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Sorry I don't recognize the name. I'll have to ask my kids if they know:).
Looking forward to seeing some of your work, I know you are going to like this forum.
thanx :) do you know Ivan Benic/cosmic cruiser and i trying to manage go to windsor to live and work there

Ivan's work is awesome... The car he is building is going to rock when it is done.. I know him from a different forum..
o yes sculpture car will be aweseome

His work is outstanding and he has been very helpful when I have asked him questions.
I also like the 58 Chrysler Windsor he is doing...being he has two different post one on the sculpture car and one on the Windsor..
Very talented guy...