Helmet clear question?



Hi guys,
I was wondering what lacquer works best for you on crash helmets?
Is an ultra high solid better or a medium solid?
Also what make are good that give a nice shiny finish and affordable here in the uk?
Hi deano ,for quick drying and allowing flatt and polish within 30 mins i use mipa cx-1 with 10% of mipa fast thinner . This is a high solid and has exceptional gloss straight from the gun .The difference between solid options are simply put is the amount of product being laid up with a single pass is more when using a hs or uhs as it leaves you with a higher build on the project . I would also recommend any of the lechler lacquers as they offer hs and uhs variations . If you do not have drying facilities then sherwin willams have a product called HPC clear which is specifically designed for use without an oven .I have not used it myself but it is highly rated .However the sherwin costs double the price of the other products .Another clear i have and do use is tetrosyls process 420 clear coat .Its cost effective and will air dry over night and sooner if fast thinner /or rocket accelerator is used this is a hs clear and gives very good gloss from the gun. Please note that all these products contain isosinates so you must wear ppe mask gloves etc with good ventilation .