helmet painting



I am eventually going to paint my helmets and was just wondering what do you do about the DOT emblem on the back of the helmet. Take it off or cover it up , leave it on there ? I think that some states that have helmet laws require a dot helmet and was just wondering what is best to do?
Usually the DOT is inside the helmet too... if police got you, you can show the the inside one ... if not ... hum your better to not hide ;)

If your not sure ... go to your police station and ask before:)

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Thanks ,I am Ok here in Florida , It's for when I go touring out of state. I had heard some were that states that have mandatory
helmet laws you have to have a dot approved helmet. I'll have to check my Goldwing riders forum I am sure someone there might know.
I am in one of those states. Honestly no one really checks unless the officer is looking to throw more charges at you on top of why he pulled you over. In which case, if he is going that far, it isn't going to matter. I see so many skull caps riding around ( you know the ones listed as novelty only on websites) all the time, it's unheard of to get pulled for a helmet.

Only other kicker would be is for insurance purposes in case of an accident. However relocating the decal or designing around it shouldn't be much of an issue.
thanks I am sure I am over thinking this. It's just a though I had when thinking about painting my helmet.
The exterior sticker is just that.... If DOT is required, the inside label is the legal one.