Helmet visor



Hi guys and girls ... a customer ask me to paint his helmet, but he want it in visor (front glass). Any of you already do it? The guys will see this all the time no?

I won't paint the front glass on one because if he were to crash due to not being able to see you could be looking at a law suite ,IMO
I know some people do paint on a screen that attach to the glass with a sticky side on it but don'know where you might find it?I'M
sure others on here can help you out better then me,and they will post too
As base paint I just flatout refuse to do visors. Even though I always tell them that after airbrush they are for display we all know they are going to wear them. Driving a bike myself (don't even have a car licence :p) I know how important your vision is and restricting it this way just is dangerous.... I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened due to that.
After painting a helmet not fit for road use after repeated promises it would be a display piece only, and then seeing the guy riding around in it, I don't trust people. Even after I later confronted him about it, and he promised he wouldn't wear it again, I still see him wearing it. No matter what they say, if anything goes tits up it all comes back to you. Plus no matter how clean your conscience and how clear you are about any dangers, if the worst should happen you still have to live with it. But that's just how I feel. If it's not a brand new helmet out of the box, I won't touch it, and I won't do visors. You can get perforated films that go on visors and can be seen through, that I have seen painted up, but I don't know about the legality of them. If you choose to do this, make sure if it comes to any insurance claims or whatever make sure you have yourself covered.